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Mobile Handset Repair Engineer

Qualification Pack
TEL / Q2201

Duration of Training
45 days X 2 hrs

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About GATS
GATS offer comprehensive training to professionals, career seekers, students, enthusiasts to design, develop, support and implement solutions for on field, real world situations, using the latest Cisco products and technologies. The institute stands strong on the foundation of its profound technical background and extremely Knowledgeable and dedicated faculty. Handset Repair Engineer:Individuals in this position is responsible for performing handset repair including hardware and software components and testing the handset for adequacy post repair.

Learning Objectives
On Completion of this training the knowledge and skills that a learner will have are mentioned below

  1. .
    1. Undertake fault diagnosis
    2. Get appropriate spares from internal store
    3. Perform handset hardware related repair activities (handset equipment, associated components etc.)
    4. Test handset post repair activity to ensure optimal performance
    5. Report and document the status at the end of repair activity
  2. .
    1. Undertake fault diagnosis
    2. Ensure availability of correct software/software version
    3. Perform software uploading/upgrade
    4. Test handset post repair to ensure optimal performance
    5. Report and document the status at the end of repair activity
  3. .
    1. Undertake fault diagnosis
    2. Identify hardware components to be repaired/replaced
    3. Identify software components to be formatted/reloaded
    4. Perform tablet hardware & software related repair activities
    5. Test tablet post repair activity to ensure optimal performance
    6. Report and document the status at the end of repair activity
  4. .
    1. Functionality/ feature of handset, specific operating system (OS), and Hardware components sets , processors, etc., basic knowledge of GSM/CDMA, Windows & Android OS
    2. Test equipment and Hand tools
    3. Handset repairing process, procedures
    4. Troubleshooting techniques (Software, fault finding)
    5. Software Troubleshooting and Software Updates
    6. Tablet troubleshooting Skills
  5. .
    1. Equipment Operating Skills
    2. Root Cause Analysis Skills
    3. Handset Repairing Skills
    4. Handset/ Component Handling Skills
    5. Troubleshooting Skills
    6. Software Skills
    7. Tablet Repairing Skills
    8. Tablet Handling Skills

Additional skills developed after getting trained
  • Core Skills/Generic skills
  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Analytical Skills

Benefits of the Training:

In today’s global economy, more and more employers look for job candidates who have the specialized skill set for meeting their requirements. Training can prepare the students in the global market by developing and measuring their skills. These skills are in demand more than ever, regardless of the students.

Resource Center

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Minimum 10th class to graduate


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What is your policy for those students who want to reappear to your course?

Once you have paid the course fees, you must contact us to request a return to any of our scheduled same course sessions, depending on classroom space availability.You may appear for a course which you have paid maximum for three times.

Do I have to go through course material before I come to Class?

No. You don't have to prepare anything before you come to the Class. But never the less if you prepare your self it would certainly help you in better understanding the subject.

Am I allowed to select a course according to my needs?

Yes. We would like to hear what courses would be of your interest. We can offer you a customized training package with your specific requirements. You may email us your feedback.

When I have to attend my exam?

You should appear for your exam within 45 days after completion of course.

Do you provide Internet Connectivity ?

Yes. We provide free Internet facility during business hours.

What hardware do you provide to students during a Training?

There is a 1:1 ratio of students to computers. Our classrooms have Pentium D to C 2.6 GHz Processor with 1GB RAM, 500GB hard drives, 15 Inches low radiation TFT/LCD color monitor. In fact our students never have to share machines. We have a rack of Cisco routers and switches supporting all the advanced routing, switching, security and voice features.

What is a typical training day during week ends?

Training begins at 8:30 am and is scheduled through 6.30 pm. Periodic breaks during the day are given as per convenience which helps to keep students alert and give them a opportunity to revitalize.

What happens if I have to leave the course?

If you have to leave a training for any reason, you may schedule to retake or finish any portion of the course during one of our future scheduled sessions at no charge.

Do you provide training outside of your location?

Yes. We offer outside training to clients who have a need to train more than 10 people in one session. For more details contact us.

Do you have an authorized Testing Center for Certification exams?

Yes. We are one amongst the few Pearson VUE (Select) to conduct the Academic Admission Exams for APBM, GMAT, PTE Academic as well as many other exams for Employment, HR, Management and Safety, Financial Services, and Health & Fitness. GATS is authorised to conduct nearly all Information Technology Certification Examinations ,being the channel partners of Pearson VUE and Prometric Testing.

Certification Benefits
Why should I do certification?

Numerous recent studies and surveys show that IT certification

  • demonstrates expertise and gets you the recognition your skills deserve. It is tangible evidence that you not only have the know-how to provide top-notch support to your employer, but are committed to a life-long, continuous learning process
  • Proves you are proficient on the latest technology. Undergoing IT training and becoming certificated means you have a comprehensive understanding of the most recent technology and can apply it to the current business need.
  • Often means you have the best access to technical support. Test sponsors such as Cisco, Microsoft, Novell and Check Point offer their certified professionals exclusive access to amenities such as discounts on products and services, entry into protected knowledge bases, troubleshooting information and online technical support.
  • Contributes to customer satisfaction. Using certified professionals for installation, repair and maintenance demonstrates a higher level of concern and care for the customer. Customers can be confident that work will be performed at optimum efficiency, which results in the best cost effectiveness.
  • Undergoing IT training and becoming certificated means you have a comprehensive understanding of the most recent technology and can apply it to the current business need.
  • More over in the slow down and retrenchments of people those who have not felt the pinch are Network Administrators and Solution Architect. So pursuing career in Networking Technology is most beneficial and enduring. So we advice you to join any of the courses mentioned.

Benefits at GATS
Why should I select GATS as my training provider?

Our students are very selective – they look for value as well as price. GATS offer the best of both. We have made a commitment to each student on each of our course description pages. The commitment states: "Our primary goal is not only your certification but your success in understanding the fundamentals of the subject matter." Our dedication to this goal and the intense training we provide assures our students will fully grasp the core subject, not just pass the exams. For this reason we really do offer the best value to each of our students.

Why should a prospective student choose GATS over other providers?

Our staff is committed to customer service and provide excellent technical training. A majority of our students have told us that our training style and philosophy is par to its excellence. We do what it takes to ensure a positive training experience. We know that we exist because of our students. GATS defines customer service.

How many students has your staff trained?

Our staff has helped to certify more than 2850 professionals.

What is the dress code while attending courses at GATS?

You should dress in formals.(Full trouser and shirt)

Do you allow a companion with student?


Do I require Visa to come to India?

YES. If you are not an Indian Citizen, you must get VISA.

Does your price include hotel?

No, our price do not include hotel accommodations. But we assist in getting accomodation in nearby hotel on student's request, the cost shall be born by the student.

Email : contact@gatsindia.net
Phone : + 91-20-25560971 / 25560479
Who Should attend ?
  • Customers
  • Professionals
  • Career Seeker
  • Student (10+ 2) / ITI/Diploma

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