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With GATS, you will Gain the knowledge and skills of social media so that you can use these in marketing of your business. In this course you will be introduced with most popular social media like facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, ebay etc. you can decide which platform is best for business.

  • How to convert that traffic into leads.
  • How to drive traffic to your website.
  • How to establish authority.
  • How to drives long-term results.
  • What is Digg?.
  • Why Digg Can Help Your Business.
  • How to Incorporate Digg Into Your Business Approach.
  • How to build your collections.
  • How create your eBay profile.
  • How to attract followers.
  • How to Set up your Page.
  • How to identify your audience.
  • How to Create compelling content.
  • How to Connect with more people who matter to your business
  • How Measure and adjust.
  • How to Use your brand name or web site address as your Flickr screen name.
  • How to Use your Flickr profile to advertise your company, products, services, etc
  • How to Upload quality photos of your products/services, and things related to your business.
  • How to Write appropriate text for each photo.
  • How to Find and join appropriate groups and share your photos in those groups.
  • How to Take part in the Flickr community.
  • How to Connect your Flickr stream to other social media outlets
  • Your Social Media Presence.
  • Your Thought Leadership.
  • Intelligent Prospecting.
  • Community-Building and Engagement.
  • Lead Generation and Lead Engagement.
  • How to Cut the cost of your business calls.
  • How to Keep track of your expenditures.
  • How to reduce your business travel costs.
  • How to Stay in touch with colleagues.
  • How to Stay in touch with customers.
  • How to Present Your Brand.
  • How to Build a Strong Foundation.
  • How to Start Following People.
  • How to Talk Smarter.
  • How to Drive Traffic to Your Website and Blog.
  • How to Get Mobile with Twitter.
  • How to Connect Your Online Presence.
  • How to Build Brand Loyalty.
  • How to Educate Your Consumer.
  • How to Increase Brand Awareness.
  • How to Demonstrate Authority.
  • How to Reach Millions of People.

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